TWISTED: God Never Said That

Sometimes when things get twisted – it’s awesome. Like ice cream, pretzels and roller coasters. But other times, twisted things can be really confusing. Like when people misquote the bible. When those words gets taken out of context, the message gets TWISTED. When people give advice like . . . “God Won’t give you more than you can handle” and “God just wants you to be happy” . . . well, God never said that.

Through the month of September we’ll straighten out some twisted verses and common myths, and discover what God actually said.  Click here for service times and locations.  Don’t forget to invite your family and friends.  See you at Heritage!

  • Sept 3 – “Money Is Bad” / Money Is the Root of All Evil
  • Sept 10 – “God Just Wants You to Be Happy” / Plans To Prosper
  • Sept 17 – “Only God Can Judge Me” / Do Not Judge
  • Sept 24 – “God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle”

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