Velocity Summer Camp (High School)

Get ready for Velocity Summer Camp!  It’s an unforgettable experience on a college campus where high school students can connect to God and to each other.  Velocity is asking the question, ‘What Do We do When THE STRUGGLE IS REAL’? Have you ever been in a spot where you just felt overwhelmed and you didn’t feel like you had anywhere to go? What if there was a place we could turn to? Velocity, besides being amazing and fun, is also a place where deep questions can be asked and answers can be found.  For more information, please click the buttons below to view the forms.  For questions, email Jason Shinn at jshinn@experienceheritage.orgTo attend the event, please complete the online form below.

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Velocity 2017

Please complete the form below. After you hit "Submit", you will see the payment page. Simply select "Velocity 2017" as the Giving Type and enter your payment. Also, to attend the trip, you must complete the attached health form (above) and return it on or before the trip date.
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