Growth Group Host Sign Up

Hosting a Growth Group at Heritage is extremely easy.  Use the sign up form below to sign up today.  Also, see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page for additional Growth Group Host information.  After you hit “Submit” on the form, scroll down to ensure that the form was submitted successfully.  It’s going to be an awesome semester.  Thanks for hosting a group!

Growth Group Host Sign Up - Spring 2017

Please complete the sign up form below. If you and your spouse will be hosting a group together, please enter your information in the "Host# 1" section and their information in the "Host# 2" section.
  • Use this section ONLY if your group will be meeting at another person's home. If the group is meeting at your home, LEAVE THIS SECTION BLANK.

  • Group Details Section

    There are a variety of "group type" options available to make it easier to make connections with those who have a similar interest/life stage. You are not limited to the options below. You can select "Other" from the group type list and select your own group type. See the options below.
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FAQ Section

When does the actual Growth Group semester begin?

Sunday, April 30, 2017

How long is this semester?

6 weeks

When does the Growth Group semester end?

The last Growth Group session (session# 6) will occur during the week of June 4, 2017, on the day that you chose for your Growth Group.

What study guide are we using for the semester?

We are using a sermon-based curriculum this semester that will be created in-house and made available to Growth Group Hosts each week.  There is no cost for this study guide.  Hosts will be able to view them on their computer/mobile device or print a copy for each session.

Will Growth Group attendees need to have a study guide?

No.  Attendees will not need a study guide.  Prior to your weekly Growth Group, each attendee should watch the Sunday message online to be prepared for the session.

Do I have to teach anything during the sessions?

No.  Our Growth Groups are designed so that the attendees receive their teaching from the Sunday message.  You simply move the conversation along using the study guide and provide snacks.

Will there be other resources to help me be successful as a Growth Group Host?

Yes! You will have access to a private Facebook group where Hosts can encourage each other and exchange ideas.  Also, you will have access to “The Hub” which is our online resource center with tools and tips to help Hosts have a successful semester.

Will there be training for Growth Group Hosts?

Yes! We want you to be successful as a Growth Group Host.  You will receive information later about the Growth Group Host training.  It is important that all Growth Group Hosts participate in the semester training to receive the updated Growth Group semester information.

What happens after I submit the Growth Group Host form below?

After you submit the form, your group will be added to the Growth Group list that will be visible to the public when the general group sign up begins.  You will later receive an email with information on how to access the Facebook group, The Hub resource center, and other details, etc.

Are there any initial tips to help me fill my group fast?

Yes! The best way to fill your group fast is to sign up to host a group early (so that your group will be visible as soon as the general sign up begins), tell your family and friends about your group, and offer childcare. Offering childcare will greatly improve the chances of people signing up for your group.  There are creative options for handling childcare that will be discussed at the Host training.

Can I invite people to my group who don't attend Heritage?

Yes! Heritage Growth Groups are open to everyone.  We encourage you to invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to your group.