2015 Live Free Debt Challenge


The Live Free Debt Challenge has begun!  Click the tabs below to view helpful resources that will assist you in eliminating debt.  Each month there will be a new tab with additional resources.  To use this page, simply view the information in the “START HERE” section, then view the resources for the current month by clicking the monthly tabs below.  Thanks for taking the journey with us and be sure to share this with your friends!


Our 2015 Live Free Debt Challenge is designed to help you eliminate as much debt as possible in one year! We believe that the words written by King Solomon, in Proverbs 22:7, reveal a very powerful truth: “Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender.” Make this the year that you stop being a slave to US Bank, Visa, Mastercard, Ford, Toyota, etc.

Financial freedom often leads to better marriages, less stress at work, outrageous generosity with others, and more. Here’s how you can start the challenge…

STEP ONE: Figure out how much debt you currently have (include: mortgage, car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc). Keep this number in a safe place because you’ll need it at the end of this year.

STEP TWO: Anonymously enter the total amount of your debt by CLICKING HERE.

STEP THREE: Check out and take advantage of any of the resources on this Debt Resources page (you’re currently on) or click HERE for additional resources.

May 2015

RESOURCE 1: CLICK HERE to learn how to make money while you’re doing some spring cleaning.

RESOURCE 2: Trying to live on a budget? HERE are some expenses that you should be saving for.

RESOURCE 3: Here’s a list of what debt collectors cannot do to you. BE INFORMED!

RESOURCE 4: Still don’t have a budget? Stop making EXCUSES.

RESOURCE 5: Need help making a budget? Dave Ramsey provides different types of FREE budgeting forms. You can find them HERE.

RESOURCE 6: If you’re not good with finances, you can become a student of money by reading THESE BLOGS regularly.

RESOURCE 7: FIVE WAYS to pay off your mortgage early (and save thousands)!

RESOURCE 8: CLICK HERE for 10 quick tips on how to build an emergency fund. 

RESOURCE 9: Don’t waste your tax refund. CLICK HERE for a list of 10 things you can do to be smart with the money you get back this year.

RESOURCE 10: Learn how to make your life more energy efficient with these fun and informative charts: PART 1 & PART 2

RESOURCE 11: CLICK HERE for an article on 10 common “financial leaks” you may not even be aware of.

RESOURCE 12: Still feeling lost financially? CLICK HERE for a step by step guide to gaining control of your finances.

*Now, don’t forget to let us know how much debt you’ve eliminated in 2015 by CLICKING HERE.

June 2015

RESOURCE 1: Going on vacation to a big city?  HERE are some ideas that can save you money.

RESOURCE 2: If you’re hoping to have your own garage sale this summer, HERE are some great ideas.

RESOURCE 3: HERE’S why it’s important to start saving money now.

RESOURCE 4: CLICK HERE for a sobering article on living paycheck to paycheck.

RESOURCE 5: Not using cash or the envelope system to get a handle on your money? CLICK HERE to learn why you should.

RESOURCE 6: FOX 2 NEWS has ideas on how to do vacations on a budget.

RESOURCE 7: CLICK HERE for a great motivational blog on how some uber rich people choose to live.

RESOURCE 8: There are tons of coupon apps available for you to download to your mobile device. Here are two for you to check out: The Coupons App (Android or Apple) and RetailMeNot (Android or Apple).

*Now, don’t forget to let us know how much debt you’ve eliminated in 2015 by CLICKING HERE.

July 2015

RESOURCE 1: CLICK HERE for an article on how to get fit and healthy on a budget.

RESOURCE 2: CLICK HERE for ideas on how to save money on summer bills.

RESOURCE 3: HERE are seven ways Warren Buffett practices frugality.

RESOURCE 4:Pocket Your Dollars” (Book Recommendation). Don’t like reading? HERE’S a summary of the book.

RESOURCE 5: It’s never too late to revisit your budget! HERE’S an annual calendar that you should be following!

August 2015

RESOURCE 1: CLICK HERE to learn how to budget for the month of August.

RESOURCE 2: CLICK HERE for a list of 7 dollar store items that are worth buying.

RESOURCE 3: CLICK HERE for 10 ways to save on back to school shopping.

RESOURCE 4: CLICK HERE for an excellent article on how the brain and financial decisions are connected.

RESOURCE 5: CLICK HERE to learn about “debt snowflaking” and how it can change your financial situation.

September 2015

RESOURCE 1: CLICK HERE to purchase “How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have Any” ($4.99 for Kindle).

RESOURCE 2: CLICK HERE to learn how to budget for the month of September.

RESOURCE 3: Now that it’s football season, CLICK HERE to learn how to save money when throwing a party for the big game!

RESOURCE 4: Are you saving enough for retirement? CLICK HERE to find out.

RESOURCE 5: Did you know that you can save lots of money by printing coupons ONLINE? 

RESOURCE 6: Find out where to buy the cheapest gas by CLICKING HERE.

HERE’S AN IDEA: Challenge yourself to go the entire month of September without buying something you normally spend money on (ie: eating out, buying clothes, feeding your Amazon.com addiction, etc.)

October 2015

RESOURCE 1: CLICK HERE to learn why October is the most critical budgeting month of the year.

RESOURCE 2: Are you disorganized when it comes to keeping receipts? Check out this WEBSITE AND FREE APP.

RESOURCE 3: Want a stress-free Christmas this year? Start planning now! HERE’S some money saving ideas to get you started (this article is a little “wordy”, but has some great ideas.)

RESOURCE 4: CLICK HERE to watch a free, three session teaching series on finances, by Dave Ramsey.

RESOURCE 5: CLICK HERE to see a list of ten things Americans waste money on.

HERE’S AN IDEA: Consider NOT USING CREDIT CARDS for any holiday shopping this year. Set a budget and stick to it. If you don’t use the “envelope system” for budgeting with cash, at least try experimenting with a “Christmas Gifts” envelope this year! You will not regret it.

November 2015

RESOURCE 1: HERE’S a list of websites and apps that will save you money on almost everything.

RESOURCE 2: Watch THIS VIDEO to learn why choosing a minimalistic lifestyle feeds into our happiness.

RESOURCE 3: If you’re trying to live on a budget, but you’re not a paper and pen type of person, HERE’S a new iPhone app that helps you easily track how much money is available each month.

RESOURCE 4: One of the most powerful ways to get out of debt is learning how to say “no” to little things. CLICK HERE to learn about David Bach’s “Latte Factor” and download apps and/or worksheets.

RESOURCE 5: If you’re having a difficult time being serious about debt-reduction, you can develop a better understanding of money by taking CNN’s ONLINE money course. It’s free!

December 2015

RESOURCE 1: If you plan on shopping at the same stores this year, consider buying gift cards at a discounted price. Learn more HERE.

RESOURCE 2: Shop on Amazon? Here’s a great TOOL to let you know if you can find the product cheaper somewhere else.

RESOURCE 3: Still trying to get a grip on your finances? HERE’S a few of the best books on finances available.

RESOURCE 4: Dave Ramsey has created a free PLANNER that makes budgeting for Christmas easy. It’s very simple to use.