Debt Challenge Form

In 2015, we’re going to help the people of Heritage Church get out of debt… a lot of debt! As a matter of fact, we’ve set a goal of doing whatever we can to collectively eliminate more than $2,500,000 of debt!

What We’ll Do
1. Pray for you
2. Resource you
3. Connect you…with people who are really smart with finances

If you want to join us for this challenge, take the following steps.

What You’ll Do
1. Calculate your current debt (mortgage, credit cards, college loans, auto loans, personal loans, etc.)
2. Wipe away your tears
3. Keep your total debt number in a safe place & enter it below (This is 100% anonymous!)
4. Start planning, tracking, and paying off debt

We can’t wait to see what happens this year!  Join us on this life-changing journey!

How to enter your information in the fields below
Enter your “Total Debt Owed” amount in the first field.  This helps us track the total amount of debt for those taking the challenge and all information is 100% anonymous.  Please enter your “Total Debt Owed” amount ONLY ONCE during the entire debt challenge (entering that amount more than once will cause inaccuracies in our numbers).

Second, enter your “Total Debt Paid Off” amount in the next field.  Although you will enter the “Total Debt Owed” amount only once during the challenge, the “Total Debt Paid Off” amount should be entered once each month for the month or date range specified (if you signed up for the Live Free Newsletter, we’ll send you reminders so you don’t forget).  If you haven’t paid off any debt during that month, its ok!  Just enter $0 in that field for the month and keep taking small steps toward eliminating your debt.  Lastly, let us know if you attend Heritage Church by clicking the appropriate box.  Thanks for being a part of the challenge.  We are cheering for you and believe that you can live debt free!
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