It’s Not All About You

So, what do you think? With God on our side like this, how can we lose? Romans 8:31 (MSG)

Have you ever thought that you were fully responsible for working out God’s plan for your life?  Do you worry that if you make a mistake, whatever God had planned won’t work out?  While God wants us to follow His directions, He knows we will make mistakes.  Even if we don’t do everything right, He has a way to work things out on our behalf.

The original plan in the Garden of Eden was for man and woman to have a relationship with God their creator.  They had one rule and broke it.  But God’s original plan for relationship with His creation didn’t change.  He still loves us and wants to be in a relationship with us.  So, God had to work out a plan through Jesus to build the bridge to re-establish a  relationship with us.  If you still need to bridge the gap through Jesus, click here.

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