Give God Your Best

“Honor God with everything you own; give him the first and the BEST part of everything.  If you do this, your barns will fill with grain and your barrels will overflow with wine.” Proverbs 3:9-10

The verse above tells us that we should honor God with everything that we own.  The key word in that sentence is everything.  Oftentimes, we have this idea that there are certain things in our life that belong to God and certain things that belong to us.  The bible tells us in Psalm 24:1 that, “The earth belongs to the Lord, and everything in it – the world and all its people.”  God wants us to honor (glorify) Him with everything that we own – our money, our possessions, our time, our attitude, our behavior, our thinking, etc.

The bible also tells us to give God our best, not the leftovers.  How do you give God your best?  By giving God His portion first.  When you give God His portion first, you are telling God that He has the most importance in your life.  Using giving as an example, the word “tithe” (giving a tenth of your income) means that you are giving God the first tenth – not the leftovers after you’ve gone to the mall, gone to the movies, etc.  What you do with your money first, shows what’s important in your life.  God tells us that when we put Him first by giving our best, He will bless us abundantly.  What will you do this week to start giving God your best?