Give Yourself Completely to God

“Give yourselves completely to God, every part of you, for you have been brought back to life, and you are tools in God’s hands, used for His good purpose.” Romans 6:13

The bible tells us to give ourselves completely to God.  The word “complete” implies that God wants all or every part of you.  It’s easy to give God a piece or a part of us (especially a part that we don’t care about), but it’s another thing for us to give God a part of our life that we enjoy.  Maybe it’s easy for you to listen to God and pray at church on Sunday, but challenging for you to do the same thing in your personal life (Monday – Saturday).  Maybe it’s easy for you to give your language or communication part to God, but more challenging to stop using profanity.  Maybe it’s easy to listen to God concerning your family relationships, but challenging to listen to God concerning that one relationship (with a significant other) because you already know it isn’t a healthy relationship.

God doesn’t want a piece of your life.  He wants you to surrender to Him completely and fully so that you can be used as a tool on earth to accomplish His will.  He wants to transform you, not just in the areas you want to give Him, but in every area of your life if you will simply give each part to Him.  Will you allow God to use you to do good?  What area of your life do you need to completely surrender to God?  Take a step today to surrender that area to Him.