Don’t Panic

Remember your history, your long and rich history. I am God, the only God you’ve had or ever will have— incomparable, irreplaceable— From the very beginning telling you what the ending will be, All along letting you in on what is going to happen, Assuring you, ‘I’m in this for the long haul, I’ll do exactly what I set out to do,’ Isaiah 46:9-10 (MSG)

Many times we get focused on the problems in our lives. It could be a recent job loss. We could have a sick family member. There could be an unexpected bill we are not sure how we are going to pay. Each of these things can cause us to be afraid since we don’t know what is going to happen next.

But we can trust that God knows what is going to happen next. We can know that God has everything all planned out. He knows what the ending looks like. He knows how to use each struggle in our life to bring Him glory. He knows how to use our trials to make us more like Him. God has a plan. As we follow God’s leading, we can trust that He has everything under control. Don’t panic, just keep trusting.

“Even when I am afraid, I keep on trusting you.” Psalm 56:3 (CEV)