Stop Being Offended

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. Psalm 119:165 (KJV)

We’re going to use a silly example to make an important point.  Let’s assume that you met a bank robber and invited them to your home for snacks…I know, just follow along.  While you are in the kitchen, they stole a vase from the living room.  Here’s a simple question.  Would you be surprised or shocked that they stole something from your house?  No!  Why?  Because they’re a thief – it’s what they do.

Why then are we so easily offended when non-believers (those who don’t follow Christ) do or say things to us that we don’t like?  You shouldn’t be shocked or surprised.  You clearly know they are non-believers, but yet we’re still offended by what they do or say.  In 2017, let this be your new saying: I refuse to be offended.  This is a choice.  Refuse to be offended when dealing with your family, friends or neighbors.  No matter what they say, hold on to the saying: I refuse to be offended.  The Bible verse above tells us that when we follow God’s instructions, we will have great peace.  So, the key to not being offended is to follow God’s instructions (the Bible) so His (God’s) peace can invade your life.