Friend of God

At one time you were separated from God. You were his enemies in your minds, and the evil things you did were against God. But now God has made you his friends again. He did this through Christ’s death in the body so that he might bring you into God’s presence as people who are holy, with no wrong, and with nothing of which God can judge you guilty. Colossians 1:21-22 (NCV)

Can you believe that God wants to call you His friend? The evil things we did kept us from being in a relationship with Him.  So, He made a way that we could not only start a relationship, but also become friends. Jesus died on the cross so we could be reconciled with God.

We can enjoy the benefits of being friends with the Creator of the universe. We can ask for help and He will provide it. We can talk about our problems and He will listen. We can talk to God as talking to any other person. But we also need to listen to what He is telling us. Enjoy being a friend of God. If you want to become a friend of God, click here.

God, thank you that you call me friend. Help me to treat others with the same love You have shown me. Help me to encourage others to reconcile with You also. In Jesus’ name. Amen.