Take in God’s Truth

Earlier this week we spoke about spending time reading God’s Word (the Bible), but why is it so important?  Let’s use a water bottle for this example.  If you were stranded in the desert, would it be better to already have water in your water bottle or to search for water in the barren environment?  Logically, it’s better to already have water in your water bottle.  From a spiritual perspective, in times of crisis, confusion and chaos, there’s no time to scramble around trying to fill your “water bottle”.  It’s better to already have your reservoir full.  During those times, it’s much easier to simply turn the knob to your reservoir to access the water.

So, how do you fill your reservoir?  By spending time consuming God’s Word (the Bible) on a consistent daily basis.  Keep pouring into your reservoir.  Now, there may be a temptation to stop reading the Bible when things in your life appear to be fine.  Resist that temptation!  You are filling your reservoir for the good times and the challenging times that may be around the corner.  Start reading God’s Word today.

Need a simple plan to start reading the Bible consistently?  Check out the Heritage Summer Bible Reading Plan here.  If you enjoyed this post, share it with your family and friends!