Run Quickly

As Goliath moved closer to attack, David quickly ran out to meet him.  Reaching into his shepherd’s bag and taking out a stone, he hurled it with his sling and hit the Philistine in the forehead.  The stone sank in, and Goliath stumbled and fell face down on the ground.  1 Samuel 17:48-49 (NLT)

Goliath, the Philistine giant, was mocking the Lord in front of the Israelite army.  They were not willing to face the giant before them.  David was delivering lunch to his brothers and heard Goliath’s mocking.  He knew his God was bigger than the giant before him and ran into battle.  God gave David the victory over the giant.

Are you facing giants in your life?  Do you know that your God is bigger than the problems you face?  You can trust God to help you overcome the battles in your life.  You can have the confidence in God to run quickly into your future.

Prayer: God, thank you for being for me and not against me.  Thank you for being on my side to help me with the problems I face.  Show me where I need to run quickly as a step of faith.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.