Accept God’s Gift of Hope

“God did not send his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it.”  John 3:17 (LB)

It can be big things or little things that make us feel hopeless, but our world seems prepared with lots of different ways to bring us down.  From something big, like a financial crisis or medical issue, to something small, like watching a story on the news or having a rough day at work…sometimes this world seems determined to erase our hope.

Hope can be hard to find in day to day life, at least if we’re not keeping our eyes open for it.  Yet as Christians, we have the greatest source of hope:  Jesus.  This Christmas season let’s keep our eyes, hearts, and minds focused on God’s gift of perfect hope through His promises and His Son.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, in you I find my greatest source of hope.  In you, I know there is victory and salvation.  Help me to keep my mind focused on you, not on the struggles in this world.  Help me to accept your gifts, especially hope.  Amen.