Transformed in My Relational Health (Day 35)

“The man went out and told everyone everything that Jesus had done for him.” Luke 8:39 (CEV)

Perhaps the most significant thing we can do as a friend to care for those in our relationships is to tell them about Jesus.  After all, every person we know will one day pass away and spend eternity in either heaven or hell.  By being a friend and sharing with them the good news that we know, we could possibly help someone go to heaven one day.

This can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  We don’t have to be pastors or know the Bible perfectly to share Jesus with others.  We can share what Jesus has done for us like the man did in Luke 8:39.  The gospel is simply believing that Jesus died and rose again to take away our sins, and placing our trust in Him to remove all our sins.  The Bible says that anyone who sincerely takes these simple steps will be saved (receive eternal life).  Perhaps by sharing your story you can help someone trust Jesus as well.  How awesome would it be if you had a part in helping a friend begin a relationship with Jesus?  This is the ultimate relational transformation!