What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is the most important; so get wisdom.  If it costs everything you have, get understanding.  Treasure wisdom, and it will make you great; hold on to it, and it will bring you honor.  Proverbs 4:7-8 (NCV)

When searching for our own way in the world, we are probably searching for a way to be successful in the many areas of our life.  We want to have a good marriage, a loving family, an enjoyable career, and more.  We want to be happy, with a life that isn’t stressful or overwhelming.  It may feel like a distant possibility from our current state or something we aren’t sure how to pursue.

The key way to work toward getting a grip on our life is to seek, learn, and implement wisdom.  What is wisdom?  Wisdom is seeing and responding to life from God’s perspective.  While we may have our own ideas about what is right for us, this often leads to results we don’t want or aren’t as good as when we follow the advice God has given us in the Bible.  Learning what the Bible teaches about wisdom and how we are meant to live is the first step in deepening our understanding of wisdom and how we can use it in our lives.

Today, consider what areas of life you are struggling with.  Spend some time going through the book of Proverbs and consider what verses speak to you directly about your circumstances.  What verses seem most important to you?  Consider what differences you see between what you’ve thought before and what God has included in His Word (the Bible).