Tell Someone

Jesus said to his followers, “Go everywhere in the world, and tell the Good News to everyone. Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved, but anyone who does not believe will be punished.” Mark 16:15-16 NCV

We have all been given free access to the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. We were all dead in our sins. We were destined to a life separate from God. Then God sent his Son to die in our place, so we could be saved and have the gift of eternal life. We now have access to the love of God and all his benefits of joy, peace, and an abundant life.

When you receive an exciting gift, you want to tell others about it. We should share the love of God with others. We can do this by being the best whatever we do each day. We can work hard and put in our best at our jobs. We can be good neighbors and members of the community. As we build up relationships with others, it can open doors that we can share the love of God and gift of salvation.

Prayer: God, thank you for the gift of salvation and a relationship with you. Help me to be the best at what you have called me to do. Show me who I can share your love with today. In Jesus name. Amen.