HC Arts Requests

HC Arts Requests

We’re so excited to work with you in creating something that reaches people for Jesus!
Make sure you read the description of each form so you know which one to fill out. If you are unsure of which form to fill out, feel free to reach out to us!

Want Something Promoted?
Use this form if you need an event or ministry promoted. This means that you have the design, you have all the details, you just want to utilize our communication strategies to promote your event or ministry. 
Example 1: The next Y/A Nights is coming up in 3 weeks. I’d like it to get promoted!
Example 2: The Pantry wants promotion through social media so that more young people know of ways they can serve! Help us!

Want Something Printed?
Use this form if you need anything printed (new, or a reprint) in house! You’re going to need to have the files with you in order to continue to this step!
Example 1: I created some flyers for this HC Youth event. I’d like to get 100 of them printed!
Example 2: I have a form for HC Kids that we ran out of, but the file is saved. I’d like to get more printed.

Want a Logo or Design Created?
This form is for you if you’re looking for: a logo… a design for an upcoming event… a design for a series you have coming up… a tee-shirt design… anything that would involve a graphic designer!

In Need of a Video?
Use this form if you need a video of any kind! We will need you to cast vision & direction, set up the shoot (including any people that might need to be involved), and we will edit and provide the final video. 
Example 1: Kids Camp is in a month! I’d like to work on getting a promo video for this!
Example 2: For Y/A, I’d love to shoot the testimony/story of one of our attendees.

Need a Web Edit?
Use this form if you need to add a new ministry (not event) or update your current webpage.
Example 1: I would like to update the pictures & some of the verbiage on my ministries’ home page… Here’s the spot!
Example 2: I would like my brand new ministry on the website – this is your form! Make sure you give us all relevant info for your new ministry!

Does Your Ministry Info Need to be Updated?
Did your ministry change it’s meeting time, place, or other important information? If so chances are, that info needs to be updated in the program, on the website, or on other various forms of communication. Letting us know the changes here helps us communicate your ministry correctly and effectively!