LifeBUILDERS 2019 Summer Build Week
  • 20141 Kelly Rd.
    Detroit MI 48225


LifeBUILDERS 2019 Summer Build Week

LifeBUILDERS 2019 Summer Build Week is a multi-day event serving the Regent Park community in Detroit.  It will include service projects, evening worship services with a meal, and a fun time for kids on Saturday.  The theme is “Building parks, homes and our relationship with Jesus!”  The event will run from Thursday, July 18th, through Saturday, July 20th.

The daily service projects will focus on building new “pocket parks” and renovating existing houses. The new pocket parks are funded by grants from the Home Depot Foundation and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).  The Home Depot project, titled “Bringing Butterflies Back”, will build a sanctuary featuring Michigan-native plants that attract butterflies.  The other pocket parks will be similar to the one built in 2018 at Shakespeare and Fairmont.  The housing renovations are part of LifeBUILDERS ongoing focus of revitalizing the Regent Park neighborhood.  These projects will be done 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM on Thursday and Friday, and 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Saturday.

Community worship services will be held the evenings of Thursday July 18th and Friday July 19th at 6:00 PM.  The service on Saturday July 20th will be at 12:00 PM.  Each service will start with a meal and will include worship music and a message delivered by a local pastor.  The opportunity to be baptized or to receive prayer will be offered at the end of each worship service.  Booths will be set-up to provide information on upcoming community activities and other topics of interest.  On Saturday, July 20th, from 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM, a variety of fun games will be offered as activities for the kids.  These services and activities will be held at tents which will be located in areas adjacent to Boulder-Bringard Park. Events are set up for the daytime serve events.  There is also an opportunity for 15-20 people to serve food, pray with people and help clean-up Friday evening and Saturday noontime. To sign up, please click the link below and register online.