Baptism at Stony Creek
  • 4300 Main Park Dr
    Shelby Twp, MI 48316

  • Stony Creek Metropark

Baptism at Stony Creek

Join us on Monday, August 12th, for an awesome night where we celebrate life-change! During this family-friendly event, we’ll have an opportunity to celebrate with those who are taking their next step through water baptism. Baptism is a symbol to others that you are now a follower of Jesus. There will be a BBQ (free, but you need to sign up online), a ton of family fun, and a baptism celebration. Use the buttons below to sign up for baptism and to sign up for dinner (please sign up for dinner by Friday, August 9th). Also, see the FAQ section below. See you there!

***To sign up for baptism, simply go to the “Baptism Check-In” tent. ***

FAQ Section

When is the event?

Monday, August 12th

Where is the event located?

Stony Creek Metropark (4300 Main Park Dr, Shelby Twp, MI 48316)

What time is the event?

Dinner begins at 6:00 PM with the service to follow.

What is the cost to attend the event?

It’s FREE to attend, but there is a $10 per car fee to enter the park.

What is the cost to enter Stony Creek Metropark?

$10 per car

Where is the baptism event located inside of Stony Creek Metropark?

The event is located at Baypoint Beach. There will also be Heritage Church signage at Stony Creek Metropark to direct you to the area.

What do I need to do/bring with me to the park?

  • Blankets or chairs
  • $10 entrance fee to Stony Creek Metropark (or Metropark Annual Vehicle Pass)
  • Sign up for baptism prior to the event (button above)
  • Sign up for dinner prior to the event (button above)

How do I get baptized?

Simply click the “Get Baptized” button above and complete the baptism form.

Why should I get baptized?

After you accept Christ into your life, the next step is water baptism. The word “baptize” (from the Greek word baptizo) means to submerge or immerse in water. Baptism is a symbol to others that you are now a follower of Jesus. Also, Jesus himself was baptized:

After his baptism, as Jesus came up out of the water, the heavens were opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and settling on him. Matthew 3:16 (NLT)

Where can I find more information about baptism?

Check out the video from Pastor Jeff about baptism on the page here.

Is there a cost for dinner?

No. We’re having a BBQ (FREE), but you MUST sign up for it by clicking the “BBQ Sign Up” button above.

If I sign up for baptism am I automatically signed up for the BBQ?

No.  Everyone must sign up separately for baptism and dinner.

Do I really need to sign up for baptism and dinner or can I just show up?

It is critically important that everyone sign up for baptism and dinner using the buttons above to ensure that we have an accurate count for all participants and attendees.

Can anyone sign up for baptism?

If you’ve accepted Christ but were never baptized, we encourage you to sign up to be baptized at Stony Creek Metropark.

I don't attend Heritage. Can I still attend?

YES! This event is open to everyone.  We encourage you to invite your family and friends. If they would like to be baptized or have dinner, have them sign up using the buttons above.