Up All Night 2019 (HC Youth High School)

HC Youth is staying up all night! We have booked several facilities around town and are going to be heading out for a night of fun! Students in 9th-12th grade are invited to join us for a night they won’t want to sleep through!

Who is this event for?

This event is for students in 9th-12th Grade.

What will happen at the event?

There will be trampolines, a foam pit, rock wall, swimming pool, escape room, live music, dodgeball, 3v3 basketball + more!

When is the event?

The event is on February 1st – 2nd from 9:30 PM to 7:00 AM.

Where is the event located?

The departure and pick up will take place at Heritage Church (Sterling Heights Campus).  Students will meet at Heritage Church, then we are heading to Life Time Fitness, SkyZone, and breakfast!

What is the cost to attend the event?

The cost is $30 per person ($25 for first-time guests who have not attended HC Youth).  Please bring extra money for breakfast.

How do I sign up?

The sign up process is easy:

  1. Complete the HC Youth Sign Up Form here.  You will then be directed to the payment page (please select “Up All Night Event” as the Giving Type).
  2. Complete both Life Time Fitness forms here and here.
  3. Complete the SkyZone jump waiver here.
Additional event information.

A parent (or legal guardian) should complete all 4 event forms.  Please bring both Life Time Fitness forms with you and submit them during check in time at Heritage.