Why do we give?

In Matthew 14, Jesus fed five thousand men (not including women and children) by multiplying five loaves of bread and two fish.  He made a very interesting statement in Matthew 14:18, just prior to multiplying the food.  Jesus said, “Bring them [fish and bread] here to Me.”  Multiplication always occurs when you bring something to Jesus.  The Bible tells us that Christ (Jesus) is the head of the church (meaning the church is His body).  So, when you give at Heritage (bring your tithes and offerings to Christ), you will be blessed and it allows us to show the love of Christ to the community (locally and globally), spread the Gospel to the lost, and transform lives.


There are 3 convenient ways to give at Heritage Church using the Pushpay platform (for more information about Pushpay, click here):

  1. Give via secure app (quickest and easiest method) – Download the “Pushpay” app from the app store on your mobile phone and follow the set-up instructions.  Once set up, you’ll be able to give in 10 seconds or less!
  2. Give via website – Click the link here to give securely online (you can set up recurring giving in the app or when giving via the website)
  3. Give via text – Text the word “heritage” (without quotations) to 77977  
    • When you send the word heritage to 77977, you will receive a one-time reply containing a link to give to Heritage Church (1 msg/request). Please be aware that msg & data rates may apply. For full terms & conditions, please visit https://pushpay.com/terms. For the privacy policy, please visit https://pushpay.com/privacy. For help, reply HELP or STOP to cancel.

Recurring Giving

As you set up recurring giving with Pushpay, we ask that you consider using one of these two options (in this specific order):

    • “Give from a bank account” (to give directly from your checking or savings account) or
    • “Give via card” (a debit card linked to your checking account)

These two options will result in the least amount of fees for Heritage Church, which will allow us to use more of your gift to impact the kingdom of God. Thanks again for giving to Heritage and helping us to impact lives around the world.



*If you set up an ACH in the past by contacting the Heritage Church Accounting Department, you can continue to give via that method for now. We will be migrating the existing ACH users to Pushpay as part of the second phase of the Pushpay implementation plan. If you are currently an ACH user, we will be contacting you in the future regarding the migration process.