Group Connector Sign Up

Group Connector Sign Up

It’s easy to be a Group Connector at Heritage.  Use the sign up form below to sign up today.  See the FAQ section for additional information.  After you hit “Submit” on the form, scroll down to ensure that the form was submitted successfully.  It’s going to be an awesome semester.  Thanks for signing up!

Group Connector Sign Up - Fall 2019

Please complete the sign up form below. If you and your spouse will be hosting a group together, please enter your information in the "Group Connector# 1" section and their information in the "Group Connector# 2" section.
  • Group Details Section

    There are a variety of "group type" options to make it easier to make connections with those who have a similar interest/life stage. You are not limited to the options below. You can select "Other" from the group type list and select your own group type. See the options below.
  • :
  • (Example) We are a group for married people with blended families. You’ll have a lot of fun as we dive into the study for this semester. We meet on Tuesdays at our home. See you there!
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, gif, jpeg.
    Upload a photo of yourself (or you and your co-host if hosting the group with another person such as a spouse). This doesn't have to be a professional photo, but please ensure that the image is clear. Also, please ensure that the image content is suitable for a Group photo. The best method to upload your photo is from your computer. (Acceptable file types are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .gif)

FAQ Section

When does the actual Groups semester begin?

Groups begin the week of September 22nd.

How long is this semester?

This semester will run for 8 weeks (it covers a 9 week period to account for the Group Launch Party on 9/23 at the Imlay City campus and 9/26 at the Sterling Heights campus).

What is the study for this semester?

Group Connector’s will be able to choose their own study from a list of options or use a study that they find interesting.

What happens after I submit the Group Host form below?

After you submit the form your group will be added to the list which will be visible once the open enrollment begins.

Are there any initial tips to help me fill my group fast?

Yes! There are three things that you can do to fill your group fast.  First, sign up to be a Group Connector early (so that your group will be visible as soon as the general sign up period begins).  Second, tell your family and friends about your group because you are the best spokesperson for your group.  Third, offer childcare. Offering childcare will greatly improve the chances of people signing up for your group.

Can I invite people to my group who don't attend Heritage?

Yes! Heritage Groups are open to everyone.  We encourage you to invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to your group.