Groups Sign Up – Sterling Heights Campus

How to Sign Up for a Group

Joining a Winter 2019 Group at Heritage is easy.  Check out the sign up details below.  For detailed information regarding groups, view the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

  1. View the group list below.
  2. After finding a group, remember the “Group#” for that group.
  3. Click the name of the Host which will direct you to the sign up form.

Winter 2019 Growth Group List

*You can perform a search or click a column title to sort that field.  On a mobile device, click the “+” symbol to see more details about that group such as childcare availability.

Host NameDay & TimeLocationGroup#TypeChildcareStudy
Donald & Breanne SwopeSunday @ 6:00 PM24 Mile Rd & Baker Rd (Chesterfield Twp)SH-SU01General (Open to anyone)Children play together (No fee)Church-Wide Study
Pastor Chad & Holly AsmanSunday @ 2:00 PM31 Mile Rd & Dequindre Rd (Oakland Twp)SH-SU02 (Closed)General (Open to anyone)Childcare for a small feeChurch-Wide Study
Joseph & Lori KassinMonday @ 7:00 PM16 Mile Rd & Jefferson Ave (Harrison Twp)SH-M01General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareChurch-Wide Study
Massimo & Elena BorrelliMonday @ 7:00 PM25 Mile Rd & Hayes Rd (Macomb)SH-M02Young Couples with Kids (Ages 20-40)Childcare for a small feeChurch-Wide Study
Stephanie KellyMonday @ 9:30 AM24 Mile Rd & Hayes Rd (Macomb)SH-M03Young Moms (30’s and under)Children play together (No fee)Church-Wide Study
Byron & Marcia GaveTuesday @ 7:00 PM17 Mile Rd & Garfield Rd (Clinton Twp)SH-TU01Engaged Couples (Open to any Engaged Couples)No ChildcareSaving Your Marriage Before It Starts
Elena KishWednesday @ 6:00 PM14 Mile Rd & Utica Rd (Fraser)SH-W01Women (18 years and older)No ChildcareChurch-Wide Study
Roger & Madi PulstWednesday @ 7:00 PMCanal Rd & Hayes Rd (Clinton Twp)SH-W02Married Couples (Open to any Married Couples)No ChildcareChurch-Wide Study
Lee & Linda JenkinsWednesday @ 7:00 PM19 Mile Rd & Clinton River Rd (Sterling Heights)SH-W03General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareChurch-Wide Study
Tammy Robertson & Anita DornfriedThursday @ 8:00 AMCanal Rd & Schoenherr Rd (Sterling Heights)SH-TH01 (Closed)General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareChurch-Wide Study
CJ & Sarah BowmanFriday @ 7:00 PM25 Mile Rd & County Line Rd (New Baltimore)SH-F01General (Open to anyone)Childcare for a small feeChurch-Wide Study
Kenny Moore & Marlene MorganFriday @ 6:30 PM16 Mile Rd & Garfield Rd (Clinton Twp)SH-F02 (Closed)General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareChurch-Wide Study
Phillip & Amy LandanFriday @ 6:00 PMCottrell & Jefferson Ave (Harrison Twp)SH-F03General (Open to anyone)Childcare (No fee)Church-Wide Study
Ben & Aly CollesanoFriday @ 6:30 PM17 Mile Rd & Utica Rd (Sterling Heights)SH-F04 (Closed)Heritage Arts TeamChildren play together (No fee)Church-Wide Study
Mike Sielawa / John HoolFriday @ 7:00 PM25 Mile Rd & Jewell Rd (Shelby Twp)SH-F05 (Closed)General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareChurch-Wide Study
Chad & Shannon PokowskiSaturday @ 6:30 PM18 Mile Rd & Garfield Rd (Clinton Twp)SH-SA01General (Open to anyone)Children play together (No fee)Church-Wide Study
Shannon CampbellSaturday @ 9:00 AM16 Mile Rd & Crocker Blvd (Harrison Twp)SH-SA02Running GroupNo ChildcareChurch-Wide Study

FAQ Section

When does the sign up period begin for the Winter 2019 Groups semester?

You can sign up to get into a group today! If you would like to host a group, click here.

When does the actual Winter 2019 Groups semester begin?

Groups begin on February 24th. Your specific group will begin that week on the scheduled day listed for your group. Please note, Financial Peace University and Grief Share Groups may begin/end at different times.

When does the Winter 2019 Groups semester end?

The Growth Group semester ends in early April for most groups (Financial Peace University and Grief Share Groups are slightly longer).

How long is this semester?

This semester will run for 6 weeks (it covers a 7 week period to account for spring break, etc).

Which study are we using this semester?

We will have a church-wide study with some exciting new features. Stay tuned for more information!

How do I sign up for a group?
  • Step 1: Search for a group above
  • Step 2: After finding a group, remember the “Group#” for that group
  • Step 3: Click the name of the Host which will direct you to the sign up form
  • Step 4: Complete the form and hit Submit
  • Step 5: Wait until you see the confirmation page before logging off
What happens after I sign up for a group?

After you complete the form and hit Submit, the form will be sent directly to the Groups Host. They will contact you in approximately 48 hours with additional information about the group.

How many people are in each group?

Most groups consist of approximately 10 – 12 people. Groups are a great way to make friends, learn, grow, and have fun.

What happens in a typical Growth Group session?

The session typically starts with everyone in the group hanging out and having snacks. Next, you’ll spend some time looking at what the Bible has to say, praying together, and encouraging each other.

What if I can't attend each session?

We understand that life (kids, work, etc.) can get crazy. If you have to miss a session – no problem! Just dive in the next week and try to attend as many sessions as you can to get the most out of your group.

Can I sign up for a Winter 2019 Group if I don't attend Heritage?

Yes! Groups are open to everyone. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to have your family and friends sign up for a group too!