Celebration Ideas

At the end of the semester, each group will have a celebration (party) to celebrate the new friendships that were formed and the life-change that occurred during the semester.  We encourage Growth Group Hosts to be creative when planning the celebration.  We’ve listed a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Themed Dinner Celebration
    1. Mexican Fiesta – Have everyone bring a Mexican dish to share and decorate the room accordingly.
    2. Tour of the World – Instead of having food from a specific region, have everyone make dishes from different locations around the globe.
    3. Indoor Tailgate Party – Have everyone bring their favorite game-day comfort foods such as chili dogs, chips and homemade salsa, taco salad, etc.  Make the evening even more fun by wearing apparel from your favorite team and having a contest for the best dressed person.
    4. Taste of Sicily – Have each person/couple make a different type of pizza to share with the group.  Have several prizes for the pizzas in different categories (best crust, best toppings, etc.).
  2. Bowling Tournament – Have a fun bowling night at a local bowling alley (give a prize to the winner).
  3. Game Night – Pick your favorite game (like Charades, etc.) or series of games and get ready to laugh and have fun!
  4. Hawaiian Luau – Weather permitting, have an outdoor themed event – Hawaiian style!  Throw a few burgers on the grill and decorate with a Hawaiian theme.  Don’t forget to make S’mores!
  5. Karaoke Night – You may not be the best singer, but that’s what makes the evening fun.  Have each person attempt to sing and follow the lyrics to the songs.  Make (or purchase) inexpensive awards for the best singer, best theatrical performance, etc.
  6. Spa Day – If it’s a ladies group, have a spa day at someone’s  home.
  7. Sports Day – Do you have a group of athletes?  Have a sports day where everyone can participate playing a friendly game of indoor/outdoor volleyball, dodgeball, etc.
  8. Make Your Own Pizza – Have a “Create Your Own Pizza Night”.  Have everyone bring a specific ingredient, then have them make their own individual-size pizza.
  9. Carnival Party – Set up carnival style games in your backyard or basement and let the fun begin!
  10. Dinner and a Movie – Hang out with everyone in the group by having dinner and a movie.  Pick a unique restaurant in the area (i.e. unique food, unique setting, etc.).