Sample Welcome Letter

Sample Welcome Letter

*To use this Sample Welcome Letter, copy and paste the letter into your email. Next, replace the words in red prior to sending your email.  You can modify this letter as needed to add additional information about your group such as childcare details, etc.

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Welcome to our Fall 2019 (Day) Growth Group!!  I’m so happy that you signed up for this study.

Here are a few of the things you’ll want to know:

  1. Our 1st meeting is (Day), October (Date) at (Time).
  2. Our address is: (12345 Main Street, Sterling Heights, MI 48313).  We are located between (Location).
  3. Here is the information about the study guide: (Enter information here).
  4. Be sure to read the daily devotionals this semester.  You can view the devotionals here:
  5. I’ll provide dessert and coffee for our first meeting, and then we will rotate who will bring snacks each week.
  6. Please text me (Phone Number) to let me know if you are UNABLE to attend any week. We don’t want to worry that something happened to you on the way over 🙂
  7. Pray for those who will be coming. We’ll be praying for you!

We are really looking forward to this Groups semester and getting to know each of you over the next several weeks.