Growth Group Sign Up – Sterling Heights Campus

How to Sign Up for a Growth Group

Joining a Fall 2018 Growth Group at Heritage is easy.  Check out the sign up details below.  For detailed information regarding groups, view the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

  1. View the group list below.
  2. After finding a group, remember the “Group#” for that group.
  3. Click the name of the Host which will direct you to the sign up form.

Fall 2018 Growth Group List

*You can perform a search or click a column title to sort that field.  On a mobile device, click the “+” symbol to see more details about that group such as childcare availability.

Host NameDay & TimeLocationGroup#TypeChildcareStudy
Jeffrey & Patricia HollifieldSunday @ 6:00 PMMain St & Rose St (New Baltimore)SH-SU01Young Couples (Ages 20-40)No ChildcareFinancial Peace University
Tom & Angelique GreerSunday @ 2:00 PMLakeville Rd & Curtis Rd (Leonard)SH-SU02Married Couples (Open to any Married Couples)Children play together (No fee)Sacred Marriage
Judy HarveyMonday @ 9:30 AMCass Ave & Little Rd (Clinton Twp)SH-M02Women (18 years and older)No ChildcareOther
Joseph & Lori KassinMonday @ 7:00 PM16 Mile Rd & Jefferson Ave (Harrison Twp)SH-M03General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareSermon-Based Study
Kirk & Diane Ringler / Darla McCullochMonday @ 6:30 PMGreen St & Washington St (New Baltimore)SH-M04General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareA Study by Andy Stanley
Deanna MendozaMonday @ 6:30 PMHall Rd & M-53 (Utica)SH-M05For those separated or going through a divorceNo ChildcareDivorce Care
Barney AbrahamTuesday @ 7:00 PMHeritage Church (Sterling Heights CampusSH-TU01General (Open to anyone)Children play together (No fee)Celebrate Recovery
Byron & Marcia GaveTuesday @ 7:00 PM17 Mile Rd & Garfield Rd (Clinton Twp)SH-TU02Young Couples (Ages 20-40)No ChildcareCherish Your Mate
Pastor Kevin McCarthy & Linda JenkinsTuesday @ 7:00 PMHeritage Church (Sterling Heights CampusSH-TU04General (Open to anyone)Free ChildcareCancer Care Ministry Training
Karie BiancoTuesday @ 7:00 PMHeritage Church (Sterling Heights CampusSH-TU05General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareJob/Career Transition
Elena KishTuesday @ 6:30 PM14 Mile Rd & Utica Rd (Fraser)SH-TU06 ClosedGeneral (Open to anyone)No ChildcareOther
Zachary & Mary PoprawaWednesday @ 7:00 PM27 Mile Rd & Van Dyke Rd (Washington Twp)SH-W01Young Couples with Kids (Ages 20-40)Children play together (No fee)Other
Chris Ellis & Wanda McCormickWednesday @ 7:00 PM19 Mile Rd & Clinton River Rd (Sterling Heights)SH-W02Women (18 years and older)No ChildcareA Study by Rick Warren
Joel & Robin OesterleWednesday @ 7:00 PMHeritage Church (Sterling Heights CampusSH-W03Engaged Couples (Open to any Engaged Couples)No ChildcareSaving Your Marriage Before It Starts
Kevin & Jackie WernerWednesday @ 7:00 PM24 Mile Rd & Hayes Rd (Macomb)SH-W04Under 30 Married/Engaged CouplesNo ChildcareKingdom Marriage
Michelle VanGilderWednesday @ 7:00 PM26 Mile Rd & Hayes Rd (Washington)SH-W05Women (18 years and older)No ChildcareA Study by Rick Warren
Pastor Kevin McCarthy2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 7:00 PMHeritage Church (Sterling Heights CampusSH-W06General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareHope for Mental Health
Lee & Linda JenkinsWednesday @ 7:00 PMSchoenherr Rd & Clinton River Rd (Sterling Heights)SH-W07General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareSermon-Based Study
Lorri Hool1st & 3rd Wednesdays @ 6:30 PMHeritage Church (Sterling Heights CampusSH-W08General (Open to anyone)No ChildcareJesus Heals Today
Tammy KruckebergWednesday @ 7:00 PM23 Mile Rd & Van Dyke Rd (Shelby Twp)SH-W09Married Couples (Open to any Married Couples)No ChildcareSermon-Based Study
Pastor Kevin McCarthyThursday @ 7:00 PMHeritage Church (Sterling Heights CampusSH-TH01Married Couples (Open to any Married Couples)No ChildcareMarriage Tune-Up
Justin & Nicole MitchellFriday @ 6:30 PM23 Mile Rd & Baker Rd (Chesterfield)SH-F01Married Couples with KidsChildren play together (No fee)Sermon-Based Study
Mike Sielawa & John HoolFriday @ 7:00 PMJewell Rd & 24 Mile Rd (Shelby Twp)SH-F02  ClosedGeneral (Open to anyone)No ChildcareSermon-Based Study
Darci JohnsonFriday @ 10:30 AM15 Mile Rd & Dodge Park Rd (Sterling Heights)SH-F03Women (18 years and older)No ChildcareSermon-Based Study
CJ & Sarah BowmanFriday @ 7:00 PMasd25 Mile Rd & County Line Rd (New Baltimore)SH-F04 ClosedGeneral (Open to anyone)Childcare for a small feeSermon-Based Study
Ryan & Kayleen MollSaturday @ 6:00 PM24 Mile Rd & Schoenherr Rd (Shelby Twp)SH-SA01General (Open to anyone)Children play together (No fee)The Christian Atheist
Jeffrey & Elsa ButterfieldSaturday @ 6:00 PM14 Mile Rd & Ryan Rd (Sterling Heights)SH-SA02Blended FamiliesNo ChildcareSmart Step Families

FAQ Section

When does the sign up period begin for the Fall 2018 Growth Group semester?

You can sign up to get into a group today!  If you would like to host a group, click here.

When does the actual Fall 2018 Growth Group semester begin?

Growth Groups begin the week of October 7th.  Your specific group will begin that week on the scheduled day listed for your group.  Please note, Financial Peace University and Grief Share Groups may begin/end at different times.

When does the Fall 2018 Growth Group semester end?

The Growth Group semester ends at the end of November for most groups (Financial Peace University and Grief Share Groups are slightly longer).

How long is this semester?

The semester is 8 weeks for most groups.

Which study are we using this semester?

The group that you signed up for will determine the study you are using.

How do I sign up for a group?
  • Step 1: Search for a group above
  • Step 2: After finding a group, remember the “Group#” for that group
  • Step 3: Click the name of the Host which will direct you to the sign up form
  • Step 4: Complete the form and hit Submit
  • Step 5: Wait until you see the confirmation page before logging off
What happens after I sign up for a group?

After you complete the form and hit Submit, the form will be sent directly to the Growth Group Host.  They will contact you in approximately 48 hours with additional information about the group.

How many people are in each group?

Most groups consist of approximately 10 – 12 people.  Groups are a great way to make friends, learn, grow, and have fun.

What happens in a typical Growth Group session?

The session typically starts with everyone in the group hanging out and having snacks.  Next, you’ll discuss the study guide questions.  Lastly, the session typically ends with prayer and instructions for the next session.

What if I can't attend each session?

We understand that life (kids, work, etc.) can get crazy.  If you have to miss a session – no problem!  Just dive in the next week and try to attend as many sessions as you can to get the most out of your group.

Can I sign up for a Fall 2018 Growth Group if I don't attend Heritage?

Yes! Growth Groups are open to everyone.  As a matter of fact, we encourage you to have your family and friends sign up for a group too!