IC Campus Letter

Over the Christmas season, people are often thinking of how to give to others and be a blessing.  At Heritage, we want to give you an opportunity to do this in a meaningful way to impact a few families locally in the community around us.

There are many families that struggle financially, even to the point of not being able to provide 3 meals a day for their family.  They rely on breakfast and lunch given to their kids at school.  But what happens when there is a long break at school?  For some of these kids, they go hungry or miss many meals, so we want to step in and make a difference.  For the next 2 weeks, please think about bringing in food items from the list below that will be packed up and provided to a handful of families that are connected to us through a partnership with Imlay City Schools.  We did this over spring break this past year and saw a great response of giving.  The families were blown away by the generosity and love of our church.

We also know of a couple of families that could use help with providing gifts to their children and we would like to help them out as well.  Maybe consider giving to this as well, but we are looking for the emphasis to be on providing food.

You can participate with either of these meaningful opportunities by bringing in the items over the next 2 weekend services (Dec 18 & 24) or you can give financially.  We have some volunteers willing to go and pick up items to be included using the funds you give towards this cause.

Thank you!
Pastor Tim

I realize that the following list is not as healthy of a list as we would all like. However, the plan is to provide easy, accessible food for children.  If you can think of something extra, that would be wonderful!  Just keep in mind that all items need to be “complete” (meaning IF they require other ingredients they are “not complete”).  We are not trying to stock the shelves with food kids don’t like…we are trying to provide foods that are familiar and convenient.  These homes may not have simple ingredients like milk/butter, so it’s important that we provide “complete” items.

Breakfast items:
Nutra-grain breakfast bars
granola bars
cereal bars

fruit roll-ups/fruit snacks
fruit cups
yogurt covered raisins (picky eaters)
protein bars
apple sauce cups/sqeeze-ables
Ritz crackers
yogurt squeeze-ables (they have “kid kind” that DOES not need to be kept cold – typically in the lunch/snack aisle)
Gold fish crackers
Graham Crackers

single serve Macaroni and Cheese bowls (the kind that you just need to add water to)
soup (with a pop off top)
Ramen Noodles
peanut butter
Ritz crackers
yogurt squeezeables (they have kid kind that DOES not need to be kept cold)

juice boxes
Yahoo milks (they don’t have to be kept cold)
apple juice