Baptism and Baseball


We’re going to have an awesome time at Jimmy John’s Field.  The event is on Sunday, July 23rd, and you’ll enjoy a great outdoor service, awesome music, and have an opportunity to be baptized at the stadium!  After the service, enjoy a free ball game with your family (Westside Woolly Mammoths vs Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers).  See the “FAQ” section below for questions and answers.  To be baptized, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.  See you at the stadium!

Who should attend this event?

Everyone!  Be sure to invite your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

What is the cost to attend this event?

This event is FREE.

Where is the event located?

Jimmy John’s Field (7171 Auburn Rd, Utica, MI 48317)

Where should I park?

Free parking is available near the stadium.

When do the doors open?

9:30 AM

When does the service begin?

10:00 AM

What will happen at the field?

Three things will happen at the stadium. First, the service begins at 10:00 AM. Second, the baptisms will occur at the end of the service. Third, we will watch the baseball game after the service.

Where will I sit during the service?

Families will sit together in the grandstands for the service. There is a cabana area available for families with infants to sit on both sides of the grandstands for the service only.

How do I sign up to be baptized at the event?

Simply complete the form below.  Someone will contact you with further information.

When will I get my tickets for the game?

You will receive your tickets after the service ends.

What teams are playing in the game?

Westside Woolly Mammoths vs Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers

Will each person be paying for their own meal at the stadium?

Yes.  Each person will pay for their own meal.  Concessions at the stadium are reasonably priced.

Will Heritage be overseeing the activities in the stadium during the baseball game?

No. Once the doors officially open for the game, control of the event is solely managed by the staff of Jimmy John’s Field.

Baptism Form (Baptism and Baseball)

Please complete all fields below to sign up to be baptized on July 23rd at Jimmy John's Field. The form should be completed by adults (18 or over). Children should have their parents complete the form for them. Please complete one form per person in your family.