Kicking Bear Campout & Archery Shoot

Get ready for two days of action-packed fun at Kicking Bear!  This free camp is from August 18, 2017 – August 19, 2017.  The event is for children ages 7 – 15 and is open to everyone.  We encourage your children to invite their friends because it will be a blast!  Although the event is free, you must pre-register using the form below.  Please see the details section below.  See you there!

Important Details

Signed Medical & Release forms are required to participate. Parents/Guardians must stay with children during the event (this is not a “drop off and leave” type of camp). If your child brings a friend (which they are encouraged to do), but the friend’s parents are unable to come, then you will be responsible for their child while in attendance. You are not required to camp out over night, but it is highly encouraged because this is a campout event. If you do go home to sleep, then don’t be late the next morning because there is a mandatory safety & instructions meeting that you have to be at to participate in the archery shoot.

What is the Date of the Campout?

The event is from August 18, 2017 – August 19, 2017.

Where is it located?

Mid-Thumb Bowmen Club, 2080 Stimson Rd, Brown City, MI 48416

What Time Does the Campout Begin and End?

The campout begins at 4:30 PM on Friday (08/18/17) and ends at 2:30 PM on Saturday (08/19/17)

What is the Itinerary for Each Day?

Friday: Set up tents (if staying over night) • Large Group Games • Giant Slip’N Slide • Novelty Archery Shooting • Bonfire

Saturday: Mandatory Safety Meeting • 3-D Archery Shoot

Will Children be Staying Overnight?

Because this is a campout, we are encouraging parents and children to campout from Friday to Saturday. Parents/Guardians must stay with children during the event (children cannot be dropped off each day).


Kicking Bear Registration Form 2017

After you click "Submit", scroll down to ensure that you see the confirmation message which will confirm that the form was sent successfully.
  • Please Note: Each child must have a designated parent or chaperone with them while at the camp.

  • Children Participating in the Camp (limited to ages 7 - 15 only)

  • Emergency Contacts (at least 2 besides parents)

  • Insurance Information