Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

“…In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 (NIV)

We have all questioned why bad things happen in our lives, to people we know, and to others in the world. Why do things like illness, natural disasters, and accidents happen to us? We are not promised and easy and trouble free life, but God has plans to heal what has been broken.

We are not alone in our search for answers. Many prominent people in the Bible questioned why bad things happened and how God could allow it. One example is Moses, who led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. At one point, his efforts to convince the Pharaoh to free his people had only brought more strife to them.

Then Moses went back to the Lord. “Lord,” he protested, “how can you mistreat your own people like this? Why did you ever send me if you were going to do this to them? Ever since I gave Pharaoh your message, he has only been more and more brutal to them, and you have not delivered them at all!” Exodus 5: 22-23

It is in our nature to call out and question the bad things that happen to us, but it is important to remember that many people, even those we look to as examples of God’s vision, have felt similarly. God does not make bad things happen, but He will use them for our benefit. For Moses, the harshness of the circumstances eventually did bring the freedom of the Israelites and so too will God bring goodness from your circumstances. God is always good, all the time, and He will make whole what has been broken. There are many possible reasons as to why bad things happen, but God always has a plan to right them.

Prayer: Lord, please help me to accept the rough times in my life. Help me to bear the burden and to find a way to overcome them. Help me to persevere and keep me strong in my faith no matter my circumstances. Let me see your presence in times of strife and in times of happiness so that I may know that you are always with me. Amen.