God’s Word to Workaholics

God’s Word to Workaholics

In the 10 Commandments, 4 are designed all about how we treat God and 6 are about how we treat each other.

Remember that the Sabbath Day belongs to me. You have six days when you can do your work, but the seventh day of each week belongs to me, your God. No one is to work on that day… Exodus 20:8-10 (CEV)

The Sabbath is God’s antidote to burnout.  “Sabbath” means to rest.

Then Jesus said to the Pharisees, “The Sabbath day was made to help people; they were not made to be ruled by the Sabbath day. Mark 2:27 (NCV)

God modeled the example for believers when God made creation.  God worked for 6 days and rested for 1.   Jesus always balanced His work and ministry with times of rest.  People should follow the example of God and rest 1 out of 7 days.  Remember, these days are not accumulative – you can’t store them up and cash them in at once.  1 day out of 7 each week is made for rest.

It’s for your best if you rest!

Take seriously what God wants for you through the gift of the Sabbath.