Include Time for Family on Your Sabbath

Include Time for Family on Your Sabbath

Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love… Ecclesiastes 9:9 (NIV)

Enjoy the other gifts God gave you…your spouse, children, family, and friends.

Draw your family together.  Talk with each other about dreams, passions, hobbies, and ideas.  Let your conversations linger on and really engage with one another.

People who connect with their families live longer and enjoy quality life.  Take time to play, rest, relax, laugh, and really enjoy time with your family.

A peaceful heart leads to a healthy bodyProverbs 14:30 (NLT)

Now if you’re like me, perhaps you have teenagers and sometimes the last thing they say they want is time with you.  When I tried this the first time with my teen son, it wasn’t received well.  But hang in there parents, make yourselves available.  Be around and try not to be offended by your teen.  Keep in mind, this is what God wants for you and your family.  Keep your mind focused on the priority and not the “teenager” showing.  God will honor your attempt to draw close to your family.

For parents with little ones, start them young understanding one day a week is for family.  Let them be a part of your focus on your Sabbath and not work or other distractions. One day you’ll be glad when your kids plan their week with time spent with you.

Remember God wants this time set aside FOR YOU, for your benefit.

Pray:  Dear God, help me to prioritize my family time.  Help me not to be consumed with work and spend more bonding time with my family.  Thank you for the gift of my family and the gift of a Sabbath.  Keep distractions and excuses to a minimum and our quality time together at the max!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.