Transformed in My Financial Health (Day 37)

Transformed in My Financial Health (Day 37)

Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce.  Then he will fill your barns. Proverbs 3:9-10 (NLT)

Nothing shows your trust in God like giving back to God the first ten percent of your income as a tithe.  Giving the first ten percent is the key here.  Giving to God first shows trust that you believe God will provide for all your needs.  Your tithe is given to your church to do the work of God.

Let’s remember a key thing about all that we produce – it’s all God’s anyway.  God gave us the skills and talent to earn our income.  God made the universe and all that is in it.  Everything we have is God’s.

God promises many blessings to His followers when they honor Him with their giving.  God promises increase and provision to meet your needs.  Blessings are not always material.  We can prosper in relationships, skills, and in spiritual maturity as a result of tithing.

Let’s be clear, your tithe is not buying God’s blessings.  When believers tithe, they are obeying God’s command.  God says we honor the Lord with our wealth when we bring the first ten percent to God.

When we give we are operating with the heart of God.  After all, God gave Jesus for our sin.