A Clear and Welcoming Sign

A Clear and Welcoming Sign

“And so my judgment is that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.”  Acts 15:19 (NLT)

Why does it feel difficult to connect in a community?  It might be a new job, a new small group, or a new church.  Regardless, many of the challenges remain the same.  We may not know anyone, so we feel out of place.  We don’t know what the expectations are in the community, so we feel lost or confused.  We don’t know for sure where the bathroom is…that’s not good!

In both secular and church communities, it can be a challenge to feel welcome.  Yet Christians are given clear directions in Acts 15:19, along with many other places in the Bible.  We are to be welcoming and not make it difficult for people to turn to God.  We serve a God of grace and love.  Let us bring that grace and love into our interactions with all of our communities, making ourselves into clear signposts pointing straight to God.  Are you looking for a welcoming church where you can easily connect with God and others?  Check out Heritage Church!

Prayer:  Dear Lord, help me to remember that as a Christian I am meant to be a signpost pointing to You. Help me to always be a clear and welcoming sign of Your love and grace in this world.  Help me to never make it difficult for anyone to turn to You, but rather use me to bring people closer to Your love.  Amen.

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