What is Sin?

What is Sin?

“For everyone has sinned, we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.” Romans 3:23 (NLT)

When people begin to ask questions about Christianity, one of the topics that often comes up is sin. What is it? Why are we told not to do it? What counts as a sin? Are some sins worse than others? Are some sins unforgivable?

Sin is defined as missing the mark; of not meeting the standards God has set for us. In the very beginning, we were made perfect in God’s image, but when sin entered the world, all of humanity became blemished by it (Genesis 3). When we began to know the difference between good and evil, we became able to choose or deny sin. However, God knew we would all fall short of the perfection of His original creation and had a plan for us to be redeemed by faith in Christ.

While we have all sinned, we may feel that certain sins we have committed are worse than others and that we cannot be redeemed from them. However, God does not see it that way. There are no degrees of sin and God forgives us for all of our sins when we put our faith in Him (1 John 1:9).

Today, spend time in prayer with God. If you are concerned with sin in your life, discuss it with Him, seek His guidance, and confess (admit) your mistakes to Him. If you have accepted His forgiveness in your life, consider the path He has brought you on since then and how it has brought change to your life.