Baptism and Christ’s Death

Baptism and Christ’s Death

Through Christ’s death, Christians die to their old life, past, and sin.

Or have you forgotten that when we were joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined him in his death? For we died and were buried with Christ by baptism. Romans 6:3 (NLT)

When we are submerged under water during baptism, it’s symbolic of Christ’s death.  When we come out of the water, it’s symbolic of Christ’s resurrection.

We know that our old sinful selves were crucified with Christ so that sin might lose its power in our lives. We are no longer slaves to sin. For when we died with Christ we were set free from the power of sin.  And since we died with Christ, we know we will also live with him. Romans 6:6-8 (NLT)

God understands that Christians are still human, and we still miss the mark.  But when we are united with Christ through His death and resurrection, God sees us differently.  God knows we will not be perfect until we are in His presence.  God’s grace forgives.  God’s mercies are new every morning.

Christians do have the power to resist sin.  We must work on breaking old habits and dying to those old ways and patterns.  We have the Holy Spirit who empowers us to take hold of the past and to live a new life in Christ.

Pray:  Dear God, thank you that through Christ my past is gone.  Thank you that sin no longer has power over me.  Thank you for the Holy Spirit that helps me to overcome habits of sin and empowers me to live a new life in Christ Jesus.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.